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They had been! Late beeg videos into a maths class the boys had catcalled on his arrival. Their young teacher the 22 year old Vusi Simalini looked in astonishment at the beeg.coom young blonde boy. His blonde hair ruffled, his short white singlet proclaiming he was "Ebony High Property", and the briefest wide blue begg satin shorts, with the schools crest of a Black Power salute to the beeg porche left buttock, showing half his butt. Vusi sat down to hide his growing erection teen beeg from the boys. "God," sex beeg he thought, "this is worse! I can see the curve беег of the boy's ass those shorts are so short. I don't know how his cock and balls stay in!" He knew the porno beeg Principal's view that new white boys from more wealthy backgrounds should now be what he called "dressed down" and humiliated on entry, but this boy was a walking invitation to rape! He looked at his class. There was a lot of porn beeg excited chatter and laughter. 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